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We are also offering Gold Plating services to almost all luxury corporate items. Visit us and customize your product online. Visit us Today.

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Goldgenie is the leading brand for Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum customisation and have been 'blinging' all types of products including gadgets since 1995.

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Partner with us and make in excess of £60,000 per year working just nine hours a week in your own luxury Gold and Silver customisation business.

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Gold Customization

We offer you opportunity to customise your order online. Tell us your requirement and we will gold plate exactly like that. Visit us today!

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Gold Plated iPhones

The human race has been fascinated with gold for thousands of years. For whatever reason, this precious metal has been the main cause of wars, prosperity and anguish all over the world many times. Why are we all so obsessed with it? That’s hard to say, but it could be because it looks almost mesmerizing and feels incredibly luxurious. Sure, most of the gold we use today has been treated to improve the general aesthetic even further, but even the stuff we find in streams or buried in the ground is extremely attractive. Why do you think so many people go searching for it?

Here at ……… we aim to provide one of the best and most efficient gold plating services in the world. Our specially trained team of experts are always willing to listen to your ideas and come up with a solution that’s both affordable and doable with the equipment we use. At the moment, most of our work is based around smartphones, but we have the ability to plate almost anything, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any special requests.


Gold iPhones @ Goldgenie

Here are some of the most popular smartphone styles we provide at the current time…

Solid Gold

This is a heavy plating job that costs a little more money. However, anyone who’s seen the results will understand exactly why so many of our customers opt for this solution. We also offer an additional service whereby we can add diamonds to your package and create something truly special.


Not only do you get a gold plated smartphone when you opt for the supernova package, but we also cover it in Swarovski crystals, which means your phone will shine and glimmer every time you remove it from your pocket or handbag. So, if you want to leave your friends dumbstruck, and you want them to be incredibly envious of you, perhaps supernova could be perfect?


The elite style is much more luxurious than you might imagine. With a smooth solid gold plating covering the full back and sides in 24CT, you can rest assured your work colleagues will have never seen anything quite as impressive. Indeed, many of our customers and clients tell us the only downside to placing a plating order with our company is that lots of their friends and associates do the same thing when they see the results.

We also provide many other styles you may be interested in. So, make sure you take a thorough read through this website to ensure you don’t miss out on anything special. From time to time, we also offer discount deals, which is why you should sign up to our mailing list to guarantee you’re the first to hear about them. At the end of the day, you’d be hard pushed to find a cheaper or more professional service from anywhere else. With a strong emphasis on customer care, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work. If you’re not, we’ll do our best to sort any issues out in a timely manner.

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